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Jesse Van Bergen Talks Purely Prana Journey

In a recent interview with James Lane Post, Jesse Van Bergen shares her journey founding Purely Prana, blending ancient wisdom with modern wellness. Through mindfulness practices, nutritional guidance, and conscious living, Jesse envisions a world where every individual can harness the power of prana—the life force energy—to thrive in harmony with themselves and the universe.

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Purely Prana is a leading supplier of an anti-aging skin care line founded by Jesse Van Bergen, a skin care enthusiast that is aiming to help people achieve healthy and vibrant skin regardless of their age. Purely Prana is particularly unique, offering organic, oxygenated skin care products that do not only help to rejuvenate the cells of the skin, but actually, help in maintaining the skin’s vibrancy without any of the side effects synonymous with chemical-laden products.

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Beauty brands you haven't heard of: Purely Prana

The fountain of youth is still the number one uncovered location, but Bali may be the closest one may come to it. How do I know this? Earlier this summer I met Jesse while in my relaxed state of being (see the previous post). I may have been in my zen state, my loquacious mother struck up a conversation with Purely Prana. 

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