All involved in its production are conscious beings. I had the good fortune to spend a few months in Bali and the better fortune of saving a dog’s life while I was there. It is a long and beautiful story with a happy ending. My dog, Shiloh, amongst other injuries, had a very painful skin infection. I had met a girl, Hui, who used Ozone Therapy to heal elephant wounds and she gave me oxygenated infused water to use on Shiloh.  Within 3 weeks his skin was fully healed and his spirit came to life. It is illegal to take a dog out of Bali and so I had to find Shiloh a home.  Hui already had 3 dogs and was not intending on taking in a 4th, however, things were looking hopeless for Shiloh and so she adopted him and he now has is Forever Home.

One day while I was visiting Shiloh at Hui’s, I saw that she had an Ozone Generator and that she was making oxygenated skin care products for humans. Her organic oils are oxygenated, bringing vitality and nutrients to our skin, our largest organ. She had gifted me her products and we parted ways. I’d been using Purely Prana for 6 months and noticed a drastic change in my skin. The texture was smoother, my brown spots had disappeared, fine lines around my eyes and mouth had vanished, my skin had a supple, youthful glow and I looked younger! In an inspirational moment, I recognized that though I couldn’t take Shiloh home, I could bring Purely Prana home.

Now comes the best part, I will donate 10% of the proceeds to ACT4balidogsrun by two dedicated girls who rehabilitate and home 70-100 dogs at a time. I’ve been following them for two years and they’re the real deal.

“We can’t all do great things, but we can do small things with great LOVE”.