Ozone Therapy for Pets

Ozone therapy might sound like something new, but it has been around for over a century, at least when it comes to human healthcare. More recently, however, it was also introduced to the veterinary world, where it’s being successfully used to help treat a range of conditions in dogs and cats. I’ll discuss what ozone therapy is, and how it works, and look at how it can be applied in companion animals.

Ozone therapy is safe and acts in several ways:

  • It decreases inflammation.
  • It activates the immune system by stimulating cytokine production. Cytokines such as interleukin and interferons create positive immune stimulation.
  • Ozone inactivates bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeast. Healthy cells are surrounded by an enzyme coating, which ozone does not penetrate. But bacteria and viruses have no such coating, thus the O1 molecule penetrates and kills the invaders. Consider chronic otitis (ear infections), which often have multiple bacteria, yeast and sometimes fungus — the efficacy of ozone therapy in these cases is amazing.

One of the most exciting potential uses for Ozonated Oils, especially our Ozonated Olive Oil, is its’ use on pets. We contribute 10% of our proceeds to Act4balidogs who have used our Oxygenated Oils to heal their rescue dogs’ wounds, rashes and infections. Our Ozone infused Olive Oil has been used on dogs, horses, elephants and other animals. It helps speed up the healing process if your pet has wounds, eye irritations, ear infections, skin irritations, nail problems, insect bites, saddle sores, irritated paws, etc.

Animals have reacted very well to our Oxygenated Olive Oil while in recovery. Ozonated olive oil also greatly helps cats with severe stomatitis, and dogs with chronic periodontitis.

Customer Success Stories:

  • A customer used our Oxygenated Olive Oil to heal a spot on a cat that had scratched several wounds into her skin.
  • Another customer used our O3 on a deep cut on her dog’s head after he buried his head into shells and glass on the beach.
  • Another customer uses our Prana Shield on her German Shepherd’s paws where he often has sore spots.

Some veterinary practices are using ozonated olive oil for hot spots, skin wounds, dermatitis, abscesses, gingivitis, ringworm, etc…

Ozonated Oils are great because they’re natural and therefore, not toxic. 

How to Use:

For skin irritations or wounds it can be applied directly. For an infected ear it can be applied directly in/around the ear. For an infected eye, rub gently around the eye (do not put in the eyes). And don't worry if your pet licks the oil off of the affected area. It is only oxygenated olive oil and not harmful to ingest. Safe enough for baby humans as well!