Jesse Van Bergen Talks Purely Prana Journey

Jesse Van Bergen went to Bali in search of answers. Upon landing she found a frightened and starving dog in need of rescue. The dog, named Shiloh, then took her on a journey that she couldn’t have imagined.

Shiloh had a very painful skin infection, so she brought him to an animal shelter. At the shelter she met Hui, who worked with a veterinarian who used Ozone Therapy to heal elephant wounds. She was given the oxygenated infused water to use on Shiloh and within three weeks his skin was healed.

One day while visiting Hui, Van Bergen was gifted the skin care line Purely Prana that Hui had developed and produced by using an Ozone Generator to infuse organic oils. Oxygenated oils are said to bring vitality and nutrients to the skin. Van Bergen used the oils daily and when she returned home to the East End months later her friends all thought that she had work done to her face.

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